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Hand Wash and Dry - $15.00

Exterior Cleaning and Detailing- $65.00

Clean and detail wheels and wheel wells, clean and polish chrome, clean and detail mouldings and trim, clean windows, wiper and mirrors

Exterior Finishing- $70.00

Compound, polish and wax exterior of vehicle

Engine Detailing- $60.00

Degrease and clean engine compartment, detail all rubber hoses, clean and detail any painted surfaces in compartment

Interior Cleaning and Detail- $65.00

Vacuum interior, shampoo carpets, seats upholstery and seat belts, condition vinyl and leather components, clean and detail dashboard, door panels and door jams

Tar and Bug Removal- $25.00 - $45.00

Scott Guard Protection- $20.00

Clean Trunk Area- $15.00

Clean and Condition Vinyl and Convertible Tops - $30.00

Furniture Cleaning
Couch - $65.00
Loveseat - $50.00
Recliner/Chair - $35.00

Carpet Cleaning
2 rooms and a hallway - $85.00
3 rooms and a hallway - $115.00
4 rooms and hallway - $140.00

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Stripping & Waxing
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