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Claybar is similar to the toy “Play-doh” that kids enjoy although a special type is required for car detailing. It performs it’s function by removing the contaminants from the surface of the paint. It works by virtue of its flexibility as it easily forms the exact contour of the surface it is in contact with. What it does for a painted surface is similar to the function of polish, but unlike polish, clay is not an abrasive, no harm can be done to the paint. Claybar does not remove wax, so unlike polish, there is no need to reapply it after an application. Claybar will make your paint shine and super smooth.

Whenever wax is applied, any residue or previous wax application is stripped off and replaced with the new application.

Read the fine print in your automotive warranty at the time of purchase, it will clearly state that once a month a conditioner must be applied to maintain the warranty. Take a guess as to what that conditioner is...wax.

Wax on your car is like the skin on our bodies. Paint and clear coat must be kept clean and protected. Think of hand and body lotion as wax for your skin. If your car is hand washed once a week and garaged kept, depending on geographic location, you can go as long as 90 days before waxing again. However, if the vehicle is black and you reside in an extreme environment, it should be waxed every 45 days.

Clear Coat
Clear Coat is just that, a clear layer of paint over the colored layer of paint. Clear Coat, being paint itself, must have wax applied to protect it as well.

Interior Detailing

We spend all these hours working on our cars as a present to ourselves. That is why many enthusiasts feel that detailing the interior is more important than the body because that is where we spend most of our time. It would therefore make sense that we take special care that the inside of our car is not neglected.

Interior surfaces can be divided into categories.

  • Hard vinyl surfaces (dashboards & consoles)
  • breathable surfaces (seats & carpets)

Pemberton's takes care of both of them.

Don't leave coins on the seat, doing so can cause permanent wear of the materials.

Engine Detailing
Keeping an engine clean does more than enhance the appearance. Oil and fluids leaks will be easy to spot. A clean engine will run cooler and is easier to repair and maintain. Cleaning your engine can set the engine off as well and can complete the job nicely.

Bird Droppings
Always attend to bird droppings as soon as they appear. Their content is very harmful to your paint and is a good reason to keep your car's wax fresh as it will help to protect against the droppings. When cleaning droppings, resist the temptation to scrub hard as the material is coarse and causes scratches. Spray the area with Windex or your favorite glass cleaner and dab the area to remove the droppings.

If your car has been repainted, consult the painter regarding how long have to wait before waxing your car. New paint needs to "cure", the solvents are part of the process need to dissipate. Applying wax, which seals the paint, will interfere with this process.



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