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Pemberton's Quick Shine offers a wide range of services from auto detailing, carpet & furniture cleaning, strip/wax floors and painting.

Car Care Facts

The single most damaging factor besides normal wear and tear, on the life of your vehicle...is dirt.

Vacuuming removes much of the dirt from upholstery and carpets; Extraction pulls out nearly all of the dirt and helps prevent odors and stains. Dirt can cause vinyl, plasic and leather to crack.

Acid rain, can dissolve or eat through wax, paint and metals.

Water spots are caused by salt in the rinse water.

Pemberton Quick Shine has been in business for over 10 years and have been satisifying customers as well as many locally owned business's. We are experts in auto detailing, carpet and furniture cleaning, strip/wax floors and painting and in many cases are able to restore new life into old finishes.



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